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The Pre-writing Fun Journey iPad & Android App

The Pre-writing Fun Journey iPad & Android App

A child’s writing ability could be affected by numerous factors, including visual-perceptual and visual-motor coordination abilities. If a child’s handwriting is full of mistakes, such as disproportionate components,  clumsy pencil manipulation,missing characters and missing strokes, it might be attributed to his poor visual perceptual and visual-motor coordination abilities.

The Pre-writing Fun Journey app is the first of its kind developed by occupational therapists in Hong Kong. It is specifically designed to address the training needs of a child in areas of visual-perceptual and visual-motor coordination abilities. It includes 720 pre-writing activities, with 3 difficulty levels in 6 categories, including (i) form discrimination; (ii) figure-ground perception; (iii) spatial relations; (iv) visual closure; (v) visual sequencing and memory; and (vi) visual-motor coordination. Through the use of interactive games, and various visual and auditory stimulating effects, it serves to help children develop important pre-writing skills required for their later learning.

The ‘Pre-writing Fun Journey’ app won the ‘Best Digital Inclusion (Product / Application) Certificate of Merit’ in Hong Kong ICT Awards 2014 in recognition of its effectiveness in laying solid foundations for the development of handwriting skills of children of different abilities. It is available for downloading from Apple iTunes Store or Google Play Store by entering key words, such as ‘Heep Hong Society’ or ‘Pre-writing Fun Journey’.