Our Services

Heep Hong Society is committed to providing professional care, education, training and family support services to children from birth to studying in senior secondary schools who have developmental and learning problems. We have over 40 service units, including Early Education and Training Centres (EETCs), Special Child Care Centres (SCCCs), Mixed-mode Centres, Supportive Learning Project (SLP) and Healthy Kids Nursery School.

Parental care and peer support are instrumental in the healthy growth of children with special needs. In view of this, Heep Hong Society also provides support services through Parents Resource Centres (PRCs), Parents' Association, Fathers' Club and Junior Gateway Club.

Our service units organise a wide range of courses & activities for children and parents. In addition, we are dedicated to exchanging our experience and knowledge with child care workers, teachers, therapists and other professionals in Hong Kong, Macau, Mainland China and Taiwan by holding a variety of seminars and workshops, with a view to improving rehabilitation services in these places.

Heep Hong Society also produces publications and CD-ROMs on teaching resources and the Internet to share its knowledge and experience with professionals, parents, children and the public.

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