Heep Hong Society Integrated Service Complex

The Heep Hong Society Integrated Service Complex is the first of its kind in Hong Kong providing one-stop education and training services for children and youth with diverse needs. The new building houses a special child care centre, an early education and training centre, a parents resource centre with enhanced and a diverse range of onsite school support services, youth vocational training as well as Supportive Learning Project programmes and services.


One-stop and all-round support for children and youth

The new 10-storey building occupies a site area of 707 sq.m. with a gross floor space of 4,300 sq.m.. Equipped with innovative facilities and advanced equipment, including the first indoor hydrotherapy pool of Heep Hong Society and the STAR Café, our Integrated Service Complex provides a comprehensive range of support services at one stop to cater to the diverse needs of pre-school children, school-aged children, youth and their families.

Heep Hong Society Integrated Service Complex Facilities

Floor Facilities Services
R/F Jockey Club Sky Garden A green space for growing, education, inspiration and training.
Vocational Training Facilities
This floor houses youth vocational assessment,training rooms, and a computer room.
8/F Jockey Club STAR Café cum Community Support Centre The STAR Café is equipped with a professional kitchen and baking facilities to provide training in food and beverage services. Together with the facilities on 9/F, the Community Support Centre offers vocational training, internship opportunities and employment services to young adults.
7/F Jockey Club Supportive Learning Fun World cum Parents Resources Centre The Parents Resource Centre provides holistic family support, parent-child workshops and play groups. A creative play area enables parents and children to spend quality family time.
5-6/F Sandy Bay Early Education & Training Centre It serves 180 pre-school children aged 0 to 6 years through facilities such as speech therapy rooms and an educational resource library.
2-4/F Catherine Lo Centre The special child care centre is equipped with physiotherapy and occupational therapy training facilities such as an outdoor climbing wall, an adventure land and a sensory integration room serving 120 pre-school children aged 2 to 6 years.
S.H.Ho Hall / Art Gallery
Jockey Club Hydrotherapy Pool
The Multi-purpose Hall hosts venue for social adaptation activities for children, as well as professional seminars for parents, teachers and professionals. Hydrotherapy is offered to children in the indoor hydrotherapy pool. The Art Gallery showcases diverse artistic talent of Heep Hong's children and youth students.
G/F Entrance Hall & Reception Parents can access various educational resources and training tools of Heep Hong Society, and obtain the latest parenting information.

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