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Heep Hong Society

Training Services for Social Service Organizations

Supportive Learning Project of Heep Hong Society provides a wide range of professional development programmes and training courses for social service organizations. These include training programmes for children, training programmes/talks/workshops for parents, teachers, and staff, as well as education on psychological health. Tailor-made training programmes are also available to meet specific needs of different social service organizations.

Children’s Training Programmes:

  • Attention training and self-care skills training
  • Social skills and emotion control training
  • Reading and writing skills training
  • Speech-language skills training
  • Sensory-motor skills training
  • Specific training programmes for children with special needs (e.g. specific reading and writing training programmes for children with dyslexia)

* The above training programmes can also be delivered in the form of parent-child activity groups or extracurricular activities.

Parents, Teachers, and Staff’s Training Programmes/Talks/Workshops

  • Parenting skills – children’s behavioural and emotional problems coping skills, parent-child communication skills, parenting skills, etc.
  • Child development and training ─ social skills development, self-care ability development, attention training, speech & language development, reading and writing ability development and training, learning difficulties and learning modes, sensory-motor development, etc.
  • Understanding children with special needs and ways of training ─ autism spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, developmental delay, speech delay, motor coordination disorder, etc.
  • Professional training for teachers/staff – how to identify and help children with special learning needs; classroom management skills to handle children with different learning needs; how to help and train children with dyslexia; how to manage children with learning difficulties and emotional problems; how to manage children/teenagers with ADHD or behavioural problems, etc.

Psychological Health

  • Stress management─ ‘mindfulness’ has recently been embraced by psychology. Through mindful eating, body scan and other exercises, mindfulness helps participants alleviate stress, depression and anxiety.
  • Positive thinking─ to develop positive attitude towards life
  • Psychological first aid ─ provide psychological support to people affected by traumatic events

All training services of Supportive Learning Project are conducted by professionals, including clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, child-care workers, etc.


Service Charges

Supportive Learning Project is a self-financed service of Heep Hong Society. The service fees vary with content and format of the training. For enquiries, please contact:

Ms Yuki Wong

Senior Service Coordination Officer

Tel: 2788 2800        Email: