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Heep Hong Society

Early Intervention and Integrated Support for Kindergarten Students with SEN

Background | Introduction | ObjectivesService Targets | List of Participating Kindergartens | Effectiveness Study |


The support for students with SEN in kindergartens is thin and no systematic training is available for teachers. Teachers and parents are facing with huge challenges and the children are not able to receive appropriate training.

To relieve the stringent situation in pre-school education, the Society launched a pioneer project of ‘Early Intervention and Integrated Support for Kindergarten Students with SEN’ under the sponsorship of Lee Hysan Foundation. This innovative service model offered school-based support and centre-based training to children with SEN.


The Society’s team of professionals met with the principals, teachers and parents on a regular basis to develop the most suitable support strategies. They observed classes, offered advice on services and cultivated the spirit of whole-school participation. Students also received individual or group training at the Society’s Early Education and Training Centres. The professional team extended its help to parents with home training advice, counselling and consultation services. In the first year, the project already received accolades from the principals, teachers and parents.


  • Provide holistic support to kindergartens through:
    • Training and therapies to children
    • Training to teachers
    • Support to parents
  • Provide an evidence-based model for the reference of the government and the sector

Service Targets

  • 10 kindergartens with at least 6 children at each kindergarten who are on the waiting list for subvented pre-school rehabilitation services
  • Kindergartens which are supportive to promote integrated education

List of Participating Kindergartens

District Participating Kindergartens Supporting Early Education and Training Centres of Heep Hong Society
Hong Kong Island
New Jade Elementi Kindergarten Wan Tsui Centre
CWBC Pre-School Education Lui Ming Choi Kindergarten
Kowloon East
Chan Mung Yan Lutheran Kindergarten Shun Lee Centre
Shin Yat Tong On Yat Kindergarten
Kowloon West
Tsung Tsin Mission Pak Tin Graceful Kindergarten Pak Tin Centre
St. Thomas’ Church Kindergarten
New Territories East
Tai Po Baptist Kindergarten Wan Tau Tong Estate Branch Jessie and Thomas Tam Centre
Tai Po Rhenish Church Kindergarten
New Territories West
Po Leung Kuk Tin Ka Ping Kindergarten Cheung Ching Centre
St. Thomas’ Catholic Kindergarten