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Heep Hong Society

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What are the target service groups of Heep Hong Society?
A: Heep Hong Society attends to the needs of children and youth with developmental problems, such as Autism Spectrum Disorder, Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder and specific learning difficulties from birth to adulthood, and their families. 

Q. What are the scopes of Heep Hong Services?
A: Heep Hong Society is committed to providing professional care, education, training and family support services to children and youth of different abilities to help them reach their full potential in a happy and healthy environment, thereby contributing to a more inclusive society.

Heep Hong operates more than 40 service units including Early Education & Training Centres, Special Child Care Centres, Mixed-mode Centres, Healthy Kids Nursery School, Parents Resource Centres and Supportive Leaning Project offices. Its 600-strong professional team comprised of clinical psychologists, educational psychologists, speech therapists, occupational therapists, physiotherapists, social workers, and pre-school teachers provide a diversified and comprehensive scope of services, which includes:

- Children assessment and training
- Educational seminars and skills training workshops
- Parent education and support
- Social and recreational activities and interest classes
- School support service
- Professional consultation
- Social Integration programmes
- Community education
- Resource Library
- Occasional child care service
- Out-reach service

Heep Hong Society is also dedicated to sharing its experience and knowledge through seminars and workshops with child care workers, teachers, therapists and other professionals in Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan and Mainland China with a view to improving rehabilitation services in the region as a whole. Heep Hong also publishes a wide variety of publications and multimedia products to share its knowledge and experience with professionals, parents, children and members of the public.

Q. What are the main funding sources of Heep Hong Society?
A. Government subventions and funding from the Community Chest account for around 70% of Heep Hong's operating incomes. For innovative projects, facilities and centre expansion, Heep Hong relies on the support of charitable funds and donations from the community.

Q. Where does the donation from a monthly donor go to?
A. Donations contributed by monthly donors are used to sustain the operation of Parents Resource Centres and provision of non-subvented services in support of parents of children and youth with special needs.

Q. How to identify our fund-raising ambassadors?
A. All fundraising ambassadors are in Heep Hong uniforms in yellow. They also wear an ambassador identity card and hold a working license issued by Heep Hong Society. You may also call our Donor Service Hotline at 3618 6320 to verify their identities.

Q. Will Heep Hong Society be charged for monthly donations through credit card or  Autopay?
A. The bank will charge Heep Hong a service fee for each donation made by autopay or credit card.

Q. Is there any bank charge to donors for monthly donation via account autopay / credit card?
A. There is in general no bank charge to donors from banks except, a possibility of your first time account set-up fee or debit fail charge. For credit card, all card issuing banks will levy their service charges to donors. To minimize the administrative cost to Heep Hong Society, we strongly encourage donors to use credit card for their monthly donation.

Q. When is the transaction date of monthly donation?
A. Monthly transactions through bank Autopay and credit card will normally be processed on 10th day of the month. Should the transaction fail, a second attempt will be made before the transaction date of next month’s donation.

Q. What should I do if I would like to change my personal or donation information?
A. Please call our Donor Service Hotline at 3618 6320 and leave your email for us to send out a confirmation. You can also submit your amendment online.There is also an amendment form hosted on our corporate website, please kindly complete and send back to us

Q. Would my donations be tax-deductible? And when?
A. Yes. Heep Hong Society is an approved charitable society and in accordance with the Inland Revenue Ordinance in Hong Kong (Section 88), a donation of HK$100 or above will be tax-deductible upon presentation of our official donation receipts. Time taken will be around:

1) Within the next month after receiving donations for a one-off donation 
2) April / May annually in the corresponding fiscal year of a monthly donation.
Q. Could I make my donation via an online platform?
A. Yes. Donors can make their donation via the online system instead of filling in a donation form. However, this channel is limited to one-off donation only. 

Q. What is the bank-in account no. of Heep Hong Society?
A. The bank-in account no. is 024-280-348822002 (Hang Seng Bank). Please mail your contact information together with the bank-in slip to us afterwards.

Q. Could I make my donation via cheque?
A. Yes , the cheque should be made payable to Heep Hong Society

Q. What is the privilege of being a donor of the 'Monthly Donation Programme'?A. With the donor membership card, donors can enjoy 10% off for books published and courses organised by the Society. To help donors understand more about our services, regular donor gathering will be hosted for visiting our centers and children under our care.

(Point to Note: Membership Card holders are entitled to a 10% discount only on the purchase of the first item of each title. No discount will be given to books on sale. When purchasing books or enrolling course, Card holders might be required to present their HKID cards for identity verification and there should be no transfer of membership cards. For any dispute, the decision of Heep Hong Society shall be final.)

Q. What is the governance of Heep Hong operations and finance matters?
A.  The Board of Directors and different committees and working groups monitor Heep Hong's policies in various aspects and map out the direction of organizational development. In particular, the Finance and Fundraising Sub-committees oversee the raising and use of funds. Members come from different sectors of society and serve on committees on a voluntary basis.

The annual financial statements of Heep Hong Society are audited by certified public accountants in accordance with Hong Kong Standards on Auditing issued by the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and the Hong Kong Companies Ordinance. Click here to learn more about the sources and usage of donations and sponsorship.
Q. Why must I use a credit card/autopay for monthly donation? I would like to make a donation in cheque or deposit into the bank account of Heep Hong Society. 
A. The monthly donation method is divided into credit card and automatic transfer. One-off donations can be made by cheque, cash or online donations. To reduce administrative costs, we encourage members of the public to make monthly donations in the form of credit cards and autopays. This can, on the one hand, bring more steady and predictable revenue to us; on the other hand, it can reduce the administrative procedures for handling cheques.
Q. What should I do, if I want to terminate the monthly donation?
A. Donors are free to discontinue their monthly contributions at any time. Please contact us by:
Phone: 3618 6320
Fax: 2776 1837 or
Q. Where can I understand more about the Face-to-Face fundraising activities?
A. In Feb 2012, HKRC formed the Face-to-Face Monthly Giving Alliance with 18 charitable organizations, hoping to strengthen the accountability and standard of current face-to-face monthly donor’s recruitment by launching the Code of Practice and self-regulation, and provide sufficient information for public to choose their desired charities. We promise:
  1. To provide information of monthly donor’s recruitment activities to public through different channels
  2. To ensure no public disturbance is caused
  3. To ensure our regular donor’s recruitment ambassadors comply with the Code

For details please visit the Alliance’s webpage.

Q. I do not want to disclose my bank account or credit card etc. information.
A. Heep Hong Society complies with Chapter 486 - the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of Hong Kong. Personal data are collected for a lawful purpose directly related to a function or activity of Heep Hong Society. Click here to learn more about our Privacy Policy.
At any time, you can ask us for a copy of the personal information that we hold about you or request a correction or cessation of using of information in accordance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance. Please write to Data Privacy Officer, Units J-L,10/F, MG Tower, 133 Hoi Bun Road, Kwun Tong, Kowloon, by fax (852) 2776 1837 or by email to