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Heep Hong Society

Mobile APP

In an effort to motivate children to learn, and allow them to learn at home at ease, we have produced a series of mobile apps & computer games for the reference of parents and peer professionals.

*Due to system updates, some mobile applications may not be available for download or only available on iPad; we are actively processing to resume the service as soon as possible.

LetSTalk iPad App

LetSTalk iPad App

The Speech Therapy Team of Heep Hong Society is happy to launch an application entitled ‘LetSTalk’, which is designed to help children with autism express their needs and integrate into the community.  It includes 350 pictures of common vocabularies, sentence-making function, customised storage of pictures and vocabularies, etc.   With the aid of the application, autistic children can communicate with others anytime they wish. The application has been tested in the Society's service centres during its development. Parents who had tried it were impressed by its user-friendly design. Its extensive stock of pictures and sentence-making function also serve to motivate children to express their emotions and needs, and to build their confidence in communicating with others. The ‘LetSTalk’ app won the 'Best Digital Inclusion (Product / Application) Certificate of Merit in the Hong Kong ICT Awards 2013 for its contribution towards helping children with autism communicate with others. 'LetSTalk’ is now available for parents to use, and for free! Download the application from Apple iTunes Store now! It can be searched by entering key words, such as ‘協康會' or ‘語你同行'.