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Heep Hong Society

Great Chefs of Hong Kong – Culinary Dialogue Donation Appeal

Heep Hong Society Charity Dinner

Heep Hong Society's "Great Chefs of Hong Kong" is held every May to bring together star chefs from top restaurants and hotels in town, as well as food lovers to raise funds for Heep Hong Society while tasting global cuisine, aims to support the operation of non-subvented Parents Resource Centres services. 

However, under the continuing impact of pandemic, we had to cancel the event for two consecutive years. Many families with special needs children are also facing unemployment, and their children are forced to stop training due to financial pressure.

In order to provide continuing support to these families, Heep Hong Society invited singer Mr. Jason Chan, Mr. Chan Hon Cheong (Chef Cheong), the Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong, which is also our long-standing supporter of the "Great Chef of Hong Kong", together with Alice, mother of two autistic sons to join the "Culinary Dialogue”. They shared the joys and pains of SEN parenting while cooking delicious food, hoping people could understand the urgent needs of parents with SEN children, and donate now to allow us to provide continuing services and trainings to them.

Both culinary and charity bring us happiness. Let's extend your warmest blessing to more children with special needs and their families.

Thank you for your support! Please continue to support services of Heep Hong Society: 





歌手 陳柏宇

Mr. Jason Chan, Singer

Before having a child, I would disagree with other parent's parenting ways. But after becoming a father, I understand that each parent has their own difficulties. It is not easy to take care of a child, especially for parents who need to take care the children with special needs (SEN). I hope everyone can have more empathy to understand them.


Mr. Chan Hon Cheong (Chef Cheong), The Chinese Executive Chef of Grand Hyatt Hong Kong

In the past 20 years, the "Great Chef of Hong Kong" has been held at Grand Hyatt Hotel. Together with chefs from other hotels and restaurants, we present food to the gourmets and generous donors to raise fund for the Parents Resource Center of Heep Hong Society. It is a very meaningful thing to do, and we will continue to support!


Alice, Member of Heep Hong Society's Parents Resource Centre

Taking care of two autistic children is very stressful, I usually relax myself through exercising and participating in the family activities of Parents Resource Center. I remember the time my son suddenly learned to say the word "balloon" during an activity, it really surprised me!

Donate Now to Support Heep Hong Society


The pandemic has brought unprecedented challenges to children and their families. Parents need to take care of the children and execute home training during the suspension of classes. They are under extraordinary parenting pressure. In view of this, Heep Hong Society also adjusted its services accordingly. We delivered online teaching, provided training videos, and designed a series of home training activities as well as teaching kits to facilitate parents’ home training for their kids. Heep Hong Society will continue to provide more diverse and comprehensive services, as to help reliving their parenting stress and empowering them through sharing with other parents in similar situation.

  • HK$ 880Support 5 parents with special needs children to participate in stress release courses, to relax and relieve the pressure from taking care of children with special needs
  • HK$ 1,780Support 6 pairs of special needs children and their family members to participate in social adaptive training activities, to allow the children to practice the social behavioral learned in centres, and solidify the children's adaptation to different situation in society
  • HK$ 2,380Support 6 pairs of autistic children and their family members to participate in family training groups. The parents can learn different training skills to execute home training, and how to communicate and take care of their children
  • Donate any amount

"Great Chefs of Hong Kong – Culinary Dialogue Donation Appeal" has been closed. Thank you for your support! Please continue to support services of Heep Hong Society:

Great Chefs of Hong Kong

Heep Hong Society has organized the“Great Chefs of Hong Kong”since 1990. The event brings together the star chefs from the top restaurants and hotel, to serve their signature dishes in food stall style in support of charity. Food lovers and generous donors can savour the tastes of global cuisine and interact with chefs on the spot! The event has been held for 26 sessions, with as many as 50 hotels and restaurants participating each year, and also the support from nearly a thousand guests. The funds raised will be used to support our Parents Resource Center to help children and families with special educational needs and developmental difficulties.

Great Chefs 1


Great Chefs 2


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Great Chefs 4


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